Villa 13×13




The house is set in a single plan, promoting the relationship of the house with outdoor spaces through gaps as porches and patios. The implementation of the housing meets the criteria of maximum free surface on the south side of the plot, leaving the other sides the minimum distance set by urbanistic rules. This implementation is intended to obtain a surface suitable for parcel wooded area outside as a zone of stay, including a glass of pool of about 8 x 4 meters.

Defined the position in the plot, the building responds to the different orientations with a closed and opaque presence, to the sides north, east and west, and a front completely open to the porch on the south side. All living spaces are oriented to the south, so that all have views over the space outside the plot. The closed configuration of the house to the other orientations prevents the view from the outside. The Alpartir street access is from the northern corner of the plot, in the case of road traffic and pedestrian access, which is performed by a path and a porch on the north side.

The contrast between the walls closed and the presence of markedly horizontal dimensional spine porch 13 x 2.5 meters to the south define the formal characteristics of the house.

The plant management is arranged via a functional bands in three parallel arranged perpendicularly to the street Alpartir, by which the access occurs. The central band is occupied by a band of services contained in the bathrooms, and dressing the main room. North of this band lies the garage, with room for two cars, utility room and storage room. South of the band services are the bedrooms, porch facing the outer space of the plot. On the opposite side stands a through-space containing the entrance porch, hall, kitchen and living-dining room, and porch to the garden outside. By sliding doors this area can be a single space, or wean the foyer, kitchen, or both, of the main room.

Technical sheet

Location:                         Alpartir street. Cadrete. Zaragoza

Architects:                      Magén Arquitectos

Developer:                     Private

Construction company:  Construcciones García

Collaborators:                José Luis Sánchez Velázquez (quantity surveyor); José Sainz (engineer)

Project:                          2008

Works:                           2009

Area:                              174,24 m2

Budget:                          151.464,43 €



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