Public plaza in Tauste (Zaragoza)


The interior of the block is conceived not as a residual void between architectures but a meeting place, relaxation and action can become a sensory attraction. It must be a living entity and be constantly changing and evolving, as its users.

The main objective of the project is the culmination of a public axis, pedestrian type, parallel to Avenida de la Hispanidad and noise protected by buildings, linking existing public spaces in contiguous parcels with a central space of rest, enhanced its central role because it is the area of ​​ housing entrances.

This axis is materialized inside the plot by a porch on the north side, a  connection with the existing green area, and the location of the central element of the square which causes a displacement to the entrance of the contiguous urbanization.

The second objective was to improve the quality of adjacent houses. Thus, the provision of hardwoods in the central space allows less exposure to the sun and the formation of a more humid microclimate that promote cross ventilation of dwellings.

Technical sheet

Location:       Canal de Tauste Street. Tauste (Zaragoza).

Architects:     Magén Arquitectos

Developer:     Suelo y Vivienda de Aragón

Collaborators: Beatriz Olona (architect); Carlos Munilla (quantity surveyor); Rafael González (engineer) ; José Luis Sánchez (structure)

Construction:   UTE Afer Ecsa Aragon SA – Fonorte ECSA

Photographs:   Jesús Granada (1), Pedro Pegenaute (2,3)

Project:            2006

Works:             2009

Area:               437,74 m2

Budget:           47.767,75 €

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